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Om Shakti Ma - Divine Mother Glory Mantra - shakti,shiva,brahma,vishnu,Sean,Johnson,and,The,Wild,Lotus,Band,Calling,Spirits,Om,Shakti
Image for Om Shakti Ma - Divine Mother Glory Mantra

One who glorifies the glory of the Divine Mother and praises Her countless powers will gain excellent ...

Om Namo Narayana - Vishnu Mantra of Peace - mantra,narayana,vishnu,Om Namo Narayana,Vishnu Mantra,om namo narayanaya chanting,om namo narayanaya chanting 108,narayan chants,Gayatri Mantra,vishnu mantra for success,vishnu mantra 108,vishnu mantra with lyrics,vishnu mantra for money,Hindi Bhakti Songs,morning mantra,mantra for positive energy,hindu mantra,mantra,bhakti songs hindi,mantra hindi,bhakti song,bhajan,bhajan hindi,hindi bhajan,om namo narayana song,om namo narayana art of living,art of living
Image for Om Namo Narayana - Vishnu Mantra of Peace

Mantra for peace and tranquility. Om Namo Narayana is a Sanskrit Vishnu mantra. It is well known ...

Om Sri Dhanvantri - Healing Mantra - dhanvantri,healing,krishna,vishnu,mantra good health,health mantra,mantra meditation,dhanvantri mantra,mantra,mantra music,dhanvantri,good health,mantra meditation music,meditation music,meditation mantra,mantras,meditation mantra music,meditation,mindfulness,themeditativemind,meditativemind,meditative mind,om,om mantra,om shri,mantra meaning,dhanvantri mantra meaning,meaning mantra
Image for Om Sri Dhanvantri - Healing Mantra

Dhanvantri is a great sage, the incarnation of the god Vishnu, a great patron of medical sciences, ...

OM (AUM) - The first mantra of Brahman - mantra,brahma,vishnu,shiva,om,108 times,om mantra,om mantra meditation,om chanting meditation,om mantra chanting,om mantra chants,aum,om meditation,peaceful om chants,om chanting,om chants,meditative mind,om meditative mind,meditative mind om,om chant,meditation music,om meditation music,mantra meditation music,mantra meditation,om meditation mantra,peaceful om mantra,om mantra peaceful,om chants peaceful,soothing om chants,om chanting soothing,meditation mantra
Image for OM (AUM) - The first mantra of Brahman

The universal, original mantra, from which the whole universe arose, is the syllable "om." Often ...

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