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About Radio Stations

From time immemorial, music was an integral part of religious and spiritual traditions. Listening to such music increases the sense of union with higher powers as a source of energy, and in many spiritual practices, the altered state of consciousness is achieved precisely by listening to rhythmic chants.

Music is a universal language, and radio stations are the most common way to communicate this language to the general public. A person is programmed to appreciate and need music, and a properly selected radio station helps to relax and concentrate, improves mood. We have selected the radio stations for you - listen online for yoga, spa treatments or meditations to help you create the atmosphere you want.

Positive vibrations while listening to music broadcast on radio stations filled with rhythms of mantras, ethnic, Indian and Tibetan music and will give your brain a wonderful relaxing or stimulating effect! Also, start listening to yoga radios, reiki and ayurvedic radio stations with Mantra Player, add them to your favorites to listen them later.

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