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FIND YOUR LIFE PASSION & PURPOSE - Guided Meditations - passion,purpose,guided,find your purpose guided meditation,find your purpose meditation,find your true purpose meditation,purpose meditation,meditation purpose of life,divine purpose meditation,inner purpose meditation,self purpose meditation,true purpose meditation,soul purpose meditation,life purpose meditation,true purpose guided meditation,discover your purpose meditation,meditation to know your purpose,Know your purpose meditation
Image for FIND YOUR LIFE PASSION & PURPOSE - Guided Meditations

Has your life been quiet lately? Or do you feel like something just isn't right and ...

FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE - Fast Guided Meditations - guided,fast,5 minute meditation,5 minte meditation,5 minute meditaton,quick guided meditation,short guided meditation,fastest way to meditate,meditation for work,meditation for students,meditation for men,man meditation,peace,clarity,short meditaton,mindfulness meditation,short vipasana meditation,5 minute guided meditation,short meditation for beginners,beginner meditation,easy meditation,beginner,short,happy,meditate,zen,mindful,spoken,quick,easy,meditatiom
Image for FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE - Fast Guided Meditations

In just five minutes per day, your entire worldview can be shifted with the help of meditation. ...

POSITIVE THINKING - Guided Meditations - positive,sleep meditation for positive thinking,432hz,sleep hypnosis for positive thinking,guided meditation for positive thinking,hypnosis for positive energy,432hz healing,positive thinking,positive mindset,guided meditation for positive energy,positive energy
Image for POSITIVE THINKING - Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations for increasing your positive energy through positive thinking. Use these guided meditations to ...

FORGIVENESS - Guided Meditations - forgiveness,guided,Solfeggio,solfeggio frequencies,solfeggio,solfeggio frequency,Meditation,BuddhaTribe,Michael Sealey,Jason Stephenson,Spiritual Moment,Meditative mind,Louise hay,bashar,forgiveness meditation,forgiveness anger,forgiveness resentment,Forgivness sandness,meditation anger,raise vibration,528hz healing,healing tone,Forgiveness 528hz,releasing anger and resentement,releasing sadness,releasing anger and resentment
Image for FORGIVENESS - Guided Meditations

Guided healing meditations to assist you with forgiveness and letting go. Do you want to stop the ...

FALL ASLEEP FAST - Guided Meditations - sleep,fast sleep hypnosis,fall asleep fast,hypnosis fall asleep fast,guided meditation fall asleep fast,hypnosis,fall asleep fast hypnosis,guided meditation,guided sleep hypnosis,meditation for sleep,guided meditation deep sleep and relaxation,guided,guided meditation deep relaxation,deep sleep meditation,guided meditation for anxiety,relaxation meditation,sleep hypnosis,sleep,sleep meditation,meditation,fall asleep,guided meditation sleep,hypnosis for sleep
Image for FALL ASLEEP FAST - Guided Meditations

Sleep talkdown hypnosis to help with relaxation before or as you fall asleep. This collection of &...

CLEAR YOUR MIND - Guided Meditations - clear,mind,peace,guided meditation,guided meditation mindfulness,guided meditation 10 mins,guided meditation clear mind,guided meditation present moment,10 minute meditation,morning meditaiton,morning guided meditation,meditation mindfulness,meditation guided,meditation guided morning,meditation guided 10 minutes,clear mind meditation,present moment guided meditation,present moment
Image for CLEAR YOUR MIND - Guided Meditations

Clear the mind of negativity and relieve stress with these guided meditations to help you ...

FEEL THE STRENGTH & FORCE - Guided Meditations - strength,force,guided,meditation,
Image for FEEL THE STRENGTH & FORCE - Guided Meditations

These guided imagery meditations opens the door for trans-generational healing and thus allows you to connect ...

ATTRACT WEALTH & MONEY - Guided Meditations - guided,meditation,money,wealth,global,meltdown,crisis,stocks,bonds,money,finances,personal,stress,anxiety,fear,response,management,control,meditation,hypnosis,self-hypnosis,yoga,guided,relaxation,mindfulness,affirmations,imagery
Image for ATTRACT WEALTH & MONEY - Guided Meditations

These powerful millionaire mindset affirmations will change your mind set into one of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. ...

REDUCE PANIC - Guided Meditations - panic,guided,meditation,
Image for REDUCE PANIC - Guided Meditations

These gentle, healing, autogenic guided meditations to reduce Panic, anxiety and worry, utilising a methods ...

STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF - Guided Meditations - stress,guided,meditations,anxiety,guided imagery,guided imagery for stress relief,meditation,how to meditate,meditation for stress relief
Image for STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF - Guided Meditations

This collection of stress and anxiety relief guided meditations works with your awareness and attention to ...

About Guided Meditations

The first and simplest thing that is recommended for beginners is the numerous applications for the practice of meditation and awareness. Usually they are simply and clearly arranged, and only discipline is required from the user: you turn on and follow the instructions. There are programs designed for a certain period (for example, ten days or three weeks), after which you can measure progress and understand how far you have come.

SUITABLE: for those who want to start meditation on their own and little by little, without complicating their schedule.

NOT SUITABLE: for those who are annoyed by any sounds, or those who find it easier to get instructions once rather than listen to them daily (in this case, as an option, you can turn to books on meditation, mindfulness and the principles of the brain and emotions).

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Guided Meditations - Mantra PlayerLooking for guided meditations? Take a look at Mantra Player collection of 10 guided meditations with descriptions and media from different sources. FIND YOUR LIFE PASSION & PURPOSE meditation, FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE meditation, POSITIVE THINKING meditation, FORGIVENESS meditation, FALL ASLEEP FAST mantra, CLEAR YOUR MIND meditation, FEEL THE STRENGTH & FORCE meditation, ATTRACT WEALTH & MONEY meditation, REDUCE PANIC meditation, STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF meditation.
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