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Stress Reduction - Body Scan Meditations - mindfullness,scan,body,meditation,
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These guided meditations will use body scanning techniques in order to help to create awareness and ...

Relaxation - Body Scan Meditations - scan,body,relax,asmr,mindfulness,relax,sleep,meditation
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A systematic focus on various regions of the body for developing both concentration and flexibility of attention ...

About Body Scan & Mindfulness

An extremely simple “independent” technique that brings a quick result is a body scan, during which you need to go through the focus of internal attention throughout the body and try to relax even the smallest areas of tension and ease unpleasant, painful sensations. You can perform it anytime and anywhere - for example, before bedtime or immediately after waking up. This exercise is included in the psychotherapeutic method MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction, that is, stress reduction based on awareness), which is now used in various chronic diseases to improve well-being.

SUITABLE: for beginners and those who find it easier to keep their attention in constant movement over parts of the body, and not on the breath or point in front of the eyes.

NOT SUITABLE: for those who find it difficult to relax completely or to relax any part of the body. In such cases, it may be useful to first work directly with the body - use massage or body-oriented methods to “anchor” the feeling of relaxation.

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Body Scan & Mindfulness - Mantra PlayerLooking for body scan & mindfulness? Take a look at Mantra Player collection of 2 body scan & mindfulness with descriptions and media from different sources. Stress Reduction meditation, Relaxation meditation.
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