Inner Peace Mantras and Meditations

24 mantras and meditations for inner peace

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Hanuman Chalisa - hanuman,Hanuman Chalisa,Hanuman Chalisa Gulshan Kumar,Hanuman Chalisa Hariharan,Hanuman Bhajans Gulshan Kumar,Gulshan Kumar Hanuman Chalisa,Shree Hanuman Chalisa,Shri Hanuman Chalisa,Hanuman Chalisa Original,Bhakti Sangeet,Bhakti Songs,Religious Music,Spiritual Synergy,Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Sagar,Lord Hanuman,Chalisa Hanuman,Hanuman Jayanti,Hanuman chalisa,By Gulshan Kumar,, ,pooja,,bajrangbali,chaalisa,hanuman chalisa full,hanumaan,stuti
Image for Hanuman Chalisa

Lord Hanuman is known as the destroyer of evil and he is worshipped as a symbol of ...

Sat Narayan Wahe Guru - Inner Peace Mantra - narayan,peace,mantra,guru,#kundaliniyoga,#mantra,#meditacion,#meditacionparalapaz,#paz,#peacemantra
Image for Sat Narayan Wahe Guru - Inner Peace Mantra

This mantra is chanted to create inner peace so one can project outer peace, happiness and good ...

Ang Sang Wahe Guru - Universal Truth Mantra - truth,mantra,kundalini,guru,Mirabai Ceiba,Markus Sieber,Angelika Baumbach,Sacred Love Meditations,Ang Sang Wahe Guru - Touching Infinity
Image for Ang Sang Wahe Guru - Universal Truth Mantra

This kundalini yoga mantra brings a sense of calm and peace that comes when we feel ...

Ajai Alai Abhai Abai - Being In Your Power Mantra - depression,power,mantra,Amanbir,Singh,African,Soul,and,Jaap,Ajai,Alai
Image for Ajai Alai Abhai Abai - Being In Your Power Mantra
Om Namo Narayana - Vishnu Mantra of Peace - mantra,narayana,vishnu,Om Namo Narayana,Vishnu Mantra,om namo narayanaya chanting,om namo narayanaya chanting 108,narayan chants,Gayatri Mantra,vishnu mantra for success,vishnu mantra 108,vishnu mantra with lyrics,vishnu mantra for money,Hindi Bhakti Songs,morning mantra,mantra for positive energy,hindu mantra,mantra,bhakti songs hindi,mantra hindi,bhakti song,bhajan,bhajan hindi,hindi bhajan,om namo narayana song,om namo narayana art of living,art of living
Image for Om Namo Narayana - Vishnu Mantra of Peace

Mantra for peace and tranquility. Om Namo Narayana is a Sanskrit Vishnu mantra. It is well known ...

Om Japa Kusuma - Morning Prayer Surya Mantra - surya,mantra,daily morning prayer,morning prayer before you start your day,morning prayer for the day,a morning prayer,early morning prayer,short morning prayer,morning,prayer,morning encouragement,morning inspiration,prayer for morning,Ancient Sun Mantra,god,inspirational,om japa kusuma,om japa kusuma sankasam,Remove Negative Energy,start your day,mantras for positive energy,mantra meditation,positive energy mantra,negative energy cleansing music,morning prayer
Image for Om Japa Kusuma - Morning Prayer Surya Mantra

Om Japa Kusuma surya mantra is one of the Navagraha Mantra or the nine planets mantra, each ...

Om Neti Neti - Self Discovery Mantra - neti,mantra,yoga,Meditative,Mind,30,Days,of,Chants,Season,Two,Day,15:,Om,Neti
Image for Om Neti Neti - Self Discovery Mantra

The gentle Neti Neti mantra is almost literally translated as "not that, not that." ...

Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye - Durga Mantra - durga,kali,mantra,mangala,mangalye,maa durga mantra,om sarva mangala,sarva mangal mangalye,durga mantra,durga mantra 108,sarva mangal,durga mantra with subtitles,sarva mangala mangalye, ,sarva mangala mangalye lyrics, ,devi mantra chanting,durga maa songs,devi mantra,ambe mata,durga chalisa,mantra,durga songs,devi,durga puja,song,durga,bhajan,bhakti songs hindi,bhajans,aarti,aarti songs,bhakti songs,devotional songs,kali,bhajan hindi,hinduism,devotional
Image for Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye - Durga Mantra

Like other Hindu mantras, the Sarvamangala Mangali mantra is also very powerful. Chanting a mantra causes ...

Chandra Namaskar - Evening Yoga Mantra - chandra,namaskar,yoga,mantra,kundalini,mantra,sheila chandra,namaskar,chandra,yoga,song,veda,,,,,,,
Image for Chandra Namaskar - Evening Yoga Mantra

A very powerful mantra of Chandra Namaskar - is an evening practice that is soothing and ...

Om So Ham (Om So Hum, Ong So Hung) - Breathing Meditation Mantra - mantra,healing,breathing,meditation,So'ham,Dave Dale,Nadaji
Image for Om So Ham (Om So Hum, Ong So Hung) - Breathing Meditation Mantra
Om Tat Sat - Three Names of God Mantra - mantra,krishna,chants,relaxing,meditation music,music,relaxing music,chanting music,indian chants,om,om tat sat,yoga,yoga nidra,yogalates with rashmi
Image for Om Tat Sat - Three Names of God Mantra

Since the beginning of creation, three words - om tat sat - have been used to denote ...

Humee Hum Brahm Hum - Kundalini Yoga Heart Chakra Mantra - mantra,kundalini,heart,hum hi hum brahm hum,hum hi hum,brahm hum,humee hum brahm hum,humee hum,humee hum brahm hum mantra,humee hum brahm hum mantra music,humee hum brahm hum meaning,hum hi hum brahm hum mantra,hum hi hum brahm hum mantra music,mantra music,mantra meditation,humee hum brahm hum meditation,meaning humee hum brahm hum,mantra humee hum brahm hum,mantra meditation music,mantra humee hum,meaning humee hum,themeditativemind,meditativemind,meditative mind,mindfulness
Image for Humee Hum Brahm Hum - Kundalini Yoga Heart Chakra Mantra

This mantra literally translates as "we are the divine spirit." It's a total spirit. ...

Rama Bolo - Krishna Bhajan Mantra - krishna,meditation,rama,mantra,true love mantra,love mantra,mantra d amour,mantra d'amore,pm,,Hanuman Love mantra,hanuman love mantra,mantr,india,laxmi,,chants,vishnu,sacred,course,zen,meditation,om,krishna,mantra,listen,hindi,woman,music,love,obstacle,true love,twin flames,rama,love music,mantra of love,amour,l'amour,twin flame,love songs,divine feminine,attract,,femme,indi,bliss,amare,amoureux,linda,,ti amo,female,lover,find love,amor,love you,hanuman,hanuman mantra,hanuman chalisa
Image for Rama Bolo - Krishna Bhajan Mantra

The practice of this mantra gives calm to the mind, cleans the negative energy and allows you ...

Om Asato Ma Sad Gamaya - Shanti Pavanama Mantra of Peace - mantra,pavanama,peace,shanti,Julia Elena & Yvonne Lamberty,Mantras of Joy,Om Asato Ma
Image for Om Asato Ma Sad Gamaya - Shanti Pavanama Mantra of Peace

Asato Ma belongs to the Shanti-mantra (mantras of Peace), which are used in various situations as well ...

Om Sat Chit Ananda - The Moola Mantra - moola,mantra,ananda,oneness,Diksha,Deeksha
Image for Om Sat Chit Ananda - The Moola Mantra

The Moola Mantra "OM SAT CHIT ANADA" is considered to be the most powerful ...

FIND YOUR LIFE PASSION & PURPOSE - Guided Meditations - passion,purpose,guided,find your purpose guided meditation,find your purpose meditation,find your true purpose meditation,purpose meditation,meditation purpose of life,divine purpose meditation,inner purpose meditation,self purpose meditation,true purpose meditation,soul purpose meditation,life purpose meditation,true purpose guided meditation,discover your purpose meditation,meditation to know your purpose,Know your purpose meditation
Image for FIND YOUR LIFE PASSION & PURPOSE - Guided Meditations

Has your life been quiet lately? Or do you feel like something just isn't right and ...

POSITIVE THINKING - Guided Meditations - positive,sleep meditation for positive thinking,432hz,sleep hypnosis for positive thinking,guided meditation for positive thinking,hypnosis for positive energy,432hz healing,positive thinking,positive mindset,guided meditation for positive energy,positive energy
Image for POSITIVE THINKING - Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations for increasing your positive energy through positive thinking. Use these guided meditations to ...

FORGIVENESS - Guided Meditations - forgiveness,guided,Solfeggio,solfeggio frequencies,solfeggio,solfeggio frequency,Meditation,BuddhaTribe,Michael Sealey,Jason Stephenson,Spiritual Moment,Meditative mind,Louise hay,bashar,forgiveness meditation,forgiveness anger,forgiveness resentment,Forgivness sandness,meditation anger,raise vibration,528hz healing,healing tone,Forgiveness 528hz,releasing anger and resentement,releasing sadness,releasing anger and resentment
Image for FORGIVENESS - Guided Meditations

Guided healing meditations to assist you with forgiveness and letting go. Do you want to stop the ...

FALL ASLEEP FAST - Guided Meditations - sleep,fast sleep hypnosis,fall asleep fast,hypnosis fall asleep fast,guided meditation fall asleep fast,hypnosis,fall asleep fast hypnosis,guided meditation,guided sleep hypnosis,meditation for sleep,guided meditation deep sleep and relaxation,guided,guided meditation deep relaxation,deep sleep meditation,guided meditation for anxiety,relaxation meditation,sleep hypnosis,sleep,sleep meditation,meditation,fall asleep,guided meditation sleep,hypnosis for sleep
Image for FALL ASLEEP FAST - Guided Meditations

Sleep talkdown hypnosis to help with relaxation before or as you fall asleep. This collection of &...

CLEAR YOUR MIND - Guided Meditations - clear,mind,peace,guided meditation,guided meditation mindfulness,guided meditation 10 mins,guided meditation clear mind,guided meditation present moment,10 minute meditation,morning meditaiton,morning guided meditation,meditation mindfulness,meditation guided,meditation guided morning,meditation guided 10 minutes,clear mind meditation,present moment guided meditation,present moment
Image for CLEAR YOUR MIND - Guided Meditations

Clear the mind of negativity and relieve stress with these guided meditations to help you ...

REDUCE PANIC - Guided Meditations - panic,guided,meditation,
Image for REDUCE PANIC - Guided Meditations

These gentle, healing, autogenic guided meditations to reduce Panic, anxiety and worry, utilising a methods ...

STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF - Guided Meditations - stress,guided,meditations,anxiety,guided imagery,guided imagery for stress relief,meditation,how to meditate,meditation for stress relief
Image for STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF - Guided Meditations

This collection of stress and anxiety relief guided meditations works with your awareness and attention to ...

Stress Reduction - Body Scan Meditations - mindfullness,scan,body,meditation,
Image for Stress Reduction - Body Scan Meditations

These guided meditations will use body scanning techniques in order to help to create awareness and ...

Relaxation - Body Scan Meditations - scan,body,relax,asmr,mindfulness,relax,sleep,meditation
Image for Relaxation - Body Scan Meditations

A systematic focus on various regions of the body for developing both concentration and flexibility of attention ...

The impact of mantras and meditations on inner peace

Do you want sparkles in your eyes so that your life is filled with tremendous power, an impulse in the development of a spiritual principle in yourself, in order to find out your inner peace? Use meditations and mantras chantings from this section of the Mantra Player - and you will be on the path to success and self-realization!

Make your body relaxed, and consciousness pacified, ask it to shut up. The true meaning of the ideas of infinity, immortality, the search for the eternal Absolute will be revealed to you. Also during meditation, you can use the rosary from Rudraksha, which contribute to a faster immersion in a meditative trance.

Shanti mantras are most popular mantras from the Vedas. Translated from Sanskrit, shanti means peace and tranquility, therefore its two main principles are spirituality and life in harmony with oneself and the world. Shanti teaches a person to live in peace and find a harmonious balance in everything; it helps to cleanse the feelings, organism, thoughts and surrounding space from everything negative and negative. With its help, it is enough to simply prepare for a truly faithful perception of the wisdom contained in the Vedas. 

Shanti is peace and quiet, on the internal and external level of perception of a person. The mantra teaches in everything to seek harmony, because it is harmony and peace that ultimately lead to the finding of Divine enlightenment, to true peace and awareness of everything.

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